This Week: Salesforce Lightning
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This Week: Salesforce Lightning

It has been rumored for a while, but the end finally appears to be sight for Salesforce Classic. The Winter 20 release notes all but signal that users need to start preparing for life with their old favorite. The good news is Salesforce Lightning offers plenty to get excited about.

This week on blog we took a look at how Salesforce is championing Lightning more than ever, highlighted our top Winter 20 beta features, and shared training options to get you going with Salesforce Lightning.

7 Beta Features in Salesforce Winter 20 Release

With every Salesforce release comes much-needed updates and widely anticipated beta features. Salesforce 19 is no exception. It's chock full of features that could help a lot of organizations. We took at look at seven of our favorites.

New Training: Salesforce Lightning

We don't blame you for holding onto Salesforce Classic as long as you could. But honestly, there's no better time to get onboard with Salesforce Lightning. CBT Nuggets trainer Jamie Grettum has released new Lightning training to help you level up.

Salesforce Classic Is (Almost) Officially Dead

It's never easy saying goodbye to an old favorite. The sooner you can move on from Salesforce Classic and embrace Salesforce Lightning, the better though. But it's not like Salesforce hasn't been nudging you already in that direction. Here's why and how Classic is being sunsetted.



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